Roxi Petroleum plc is a Kazakhstan based oil and gas exploration and production company established in 2006, whose activities are concentrated on five assets onshore Kazakhstan, containing a portfolio of exploration prospects, appraisal, and near term production projects. The company has acquired discoveries made in the Soviet period which remained undeveloped, but which now have a sufficient exploration upside to provide significant exploration rewards. It is Roxi’s strategy to used available industry technology to add reserves and bring these discoveries into production. Roxi holds the assets with our partners through local subsidiary companies, which operate the blocks through Sub-Soil User Contracts with the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Roxi is a public company listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange, under the symbol “RXP” More >>>


1 June Operational Update (PDF)

26 May Notice of AGM (PDF)

26 May Director/PDMR Shareholding (PDF)

24 May Annual Report 2009 (PDF)

24 May Final Results (PDF)

10 May Operational Update (PDF)

29 April Sale of Galaz Interest (PDF)

16 April Drilling Update (PDF)

7 April Issue of Equity (PDF)

7 April Operational Update (PDF)

31 March Operational Update and Total Voting Rights (PDF)

26 February Director/PDMR Shareholding (PDF)

19 February Director/PDMR Shareholding (PDF)

19 February Oil Barrel Presentation (PDF)

18 February Galaz Discovery (PDF)

16 February Grant of Options (PDF)

11 February Director/PDMR Shareholding (PDF)

11 February Sale of Galaz Interest (PDF)

8 February Issue of Equity (PDF)

3 February Corporate and Operational Update (PDF)

14 January Ravninnoe Update (PDF)

22 December Completion of Part Disposal (PDF)

10 December Matrix Research Note (PDF)

9 December Management Changes (PDF)

7 December Holding(s) in Company (PDF)

2 December Holding(s) in Company (PDF)

2 December Issue of Equity (PDF)

1 December Galaz Update (PDF)

23 November Issue of Equity (PDF)

17 November Result of General Meeting (PDF)

4 November Galaz Update (PDF)

3 November Issue of Equity (PDF)

30 October Operations Update (PDF)

29 October Shareholder Circular (PDF)

29 October Notice of GM & Part Disposal (PDF)

5 October Extension of MOU (PDF)

28 September Interim Results (PDF)

22 September Issue of Equity (PDF)

22 September Directorate Change (PDF)

19 August Shareholder Notification (PDF)

17 August Grant of Options (PDF)

12 August Results of General Meeting (PDF)

3 August Change of Nominated Advisor and Broker (PDF)

31 July Change of Registered Address (PDF)

29 July 2009 Result of AGM (PDF)

29 July 2009 AGM Presentation (PDF)

27 July 2009 Shareholder Circular (PDF)

27 July 2009 Shareholder Circular RNS (PDF)

17 July 2009 Corporate Update (PDF)

7 July 2009 Notice of AGM (PDF)

2 July 2009 Holding(s) in Company(PDF)

2 July 2009 Total Voting Rights (PDF)

2 July 2009 Director's Dealings (PDF)

29 June 2009 Annual Report (PDF)

29 June 2009 Final Results (PDF)

18 June 2009 US$5 million additional funding (PDF)

3 June 2009 Funding and Operational Update (PDF)

28 May 2009 Result of GM (PDF)

19 May 2009 Funding and License Update (PDF)

12 May 2009 Notice of GM (PDF)

12 May 2009 Form of Proxy for GM (PDF)

12 May 2009 Operational Update (PDF)

14 April 2009 Funding and Operational Update (PDF)

12 February 2009 Funding Update (PDF)

09 February 2009 Funding and Operational Update (PDF)

19 January 2009 Farm Out and Operational Update (PDF)

22 December 2008 Result of GM (PDF)

19 December 2008 Drilling Success (PDF)

04 December 2008 Notice of GM (PDF)

04 December 2008 Form of Proxy for GM (PDF)

28 November 2008 Total Voting Rights (PDF)

19 November 2008 Funding and Operational Update (PDF)

29 September 2008 Interim Results (PDF)

26 September 2008 Farm out Update (PDF)

2 September 2008 Directorate Change (PDF)

28 August 2008 Funding and Operational Update (PDF)

18 July 2008 AGM Presentation (PDF)

18 July 2008 Operations Update (PDF)

24 June 2008 Annual Report and Accounts 2007 (PDF)

24 June 2008 Notice of AGM (PDF)

17 June 2008 Final Results (PDF)

19 May 2008 Operations Update (PDF)

07 May 2008 Extension of Contract (PDF)

19 March 2008 Operations Update (PDF)

03 March 2008 First Day of Dealings (PDF)

29 February 2008 Eragon Acquisition Presentation (PDF)

31 January 2008 Readmission to AIM and Acquisition (PDF)

19 October 2007 AGM Presentation (PDF)

04 October 2007 Option for Acquisition Signed (PDF)

01 October 2007 Interim Report (PDF)

22 August 2007 Acquisition Update (PDF)

14 August 2007 Opertations Update (PDF)

22 May 2007 Roxi Petroleum Plc - IPO and Admission to AIM (PDF)


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